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Another Season in the Books

Another year has come and gone here at  The ending of one year brings on an immediate push for the next.  Looking back at what was the 2009 season, all I can do is smile.  Some of our members were lucky enough to cross paths with the largest deer of their lives.  Yet others, such as myself, never so muched as drew back on an animal.  That’s not to say we didn’t have opportunities or have a great time afield.  We just didn’t get the job done.  That’s all.  Sometimes it works that way.  I am just glad I had the opportunity to share it with eveyone on the site.  Yet again the members have come through and showered us with vast amounts of knowledge, opinions, facts and answers regarding all aspects of hunting and wildlife management.  For that I am very grateful and look for more to come on a daily basis.

For 2010 we have a ton of goals to accomplish on the site.  Topping that list, is the soon to be released dvd.  A lot of people have put a lot of hours into bringing it to you and we sure hope you enjoy watching it.  It should be available by the 25th of February and in stock at the upcoming shows WTW will be attending.  This is a monumental step for WTW to be taking and we’ve got our fingers crossed that you will enjoy watching your friends hunts take place in the comfort of your living room.  It should be a great way to spend a cold winters day inside.

I’d like to thank everyone that participated in this years Big Buck Challenge and Team Member Big Buck Challenge, especially the team captains.  It takes a lot of dedication to take on that responsibility and I think they did a wonderful job.  They sure made my job a lot easier.  The goal of the BBC and TMBBC was to have fun, meet some new friends and talk a little smack.  Of course it also worked as a great outlet for the sharing of hunting stories with the members.  I’m as pumped as ever to have it again this fall.

Our show season is about to take off full steam.  Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin for sure, with a few other possibilites in the mix.  If you are attending any of these shows, look for the booth and stop on by and say hello.  We’d love to meet you face to face and extend a hand in friendship and thanks. 

In March we have our annual shed hunt, in Buffalo County lined up.  We’ve had a lot of fun at this outting and encourage team members to try and make it for a day or two. You’ll see some of the worlds best whitetail habitat up close and personal and enjoy the fellowship of your wtw brothers and sisters.  It’s an outting you won’t soon forget.  Not to mention, there’s a chance you may just be lucky enough to find the sheds off of a true Buffalo County giant or have a run in with the legendary albino buck from our home page.     

Because we think contests are fun, we’re going to break away for the norm and do a spring turkey contest on the site as well.  This will be a first for We haven’t ever done a turkey contest before, but we’re looking forward to it.  Our members spoke up for it and now they’ve got it.  I’m thinking the contest will run from April 1st til May 31st, but these dates may change if deemed necessary by our staff and members.  So if you’ve got an interest in turkey hunting, log in and sign up for the contest.

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