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Winner of the Ross Crave DRT is?

This past Christmas/New Year’s we here at ran a contest with the idea of giving away a brand new 2012 Ross Crave DRT. However, for this contest we wanted to do something far different than we’ve done in the past. Because it was the Christmas season we thought it would be a great idea to run a contest based around the idea of giving. The rules were simple. Nominate someone who you think truly deserves the bow and that person cannot be yourself. Nominate someone who’s sacrificed so much of themselves for others, someone who is down on their luck, someone who is always the first to help but never asks for anything in return, etc.

The replies we received were outstanding. However, many were gut wrenching to read. Something that I don’t think most of us were totally ready for. Yet it did the heart good to see the love, caring, respect and thoughtfulness of so many people that were out to do something good for someone else. The entries were brought before the WTW Staff and a private vote was taken. When the votes were tabulated a clear cut winner emerged.

Cory Danner, Congratulations on winning the Ross Lady Crave DRT! Your husband Bill nominated you. You are exactly the person we wanted to reach with this contest. I hope with this gift you can spend some much needed time with your husband in a tree stand. Congratulations again!

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