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Winner of the Ross Crave DRT is?

This past Christmas/New Year’s we here at ran a contest with the idea of giving away a brand new 2012 Ross Crave DRT. However, for this contest we wanted to do something far different than we’ve done in the past. Because it was the Christmas season we thought it would be a great idea to run a contest based around the idea of giving. The rules were simple. Nominate someone who you think truly deserves the bow and that person cannot be yourself. Nominate someone who’s sacrificed so much of themselves for others, someone who is down on their luck, someone who is always the first to help but never asks for anything in return, etc.

The replies we received were outstanding. However, many were gut wrenching to read. Something that I don’t think most of us were totally ready for. Yet it did the heart good to see the love, caring, respect and thoughtfulness of so many people that were out to do something good for someone else. The entries were brought before the WTW Staff and a private vote was taken. When the votes were tabulated a clear cut winner emerged.

Cory Danner, Congratulations on winning the Ross Lady Crave DRT! Your husband Bill nominated you. You are exactly the person we wanted to reach with this contest. I hope with this gift you can spend some much needed time with your husband in a tree stand. Congratulations again!

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The start of a new season!

By Kirk Petersen

The new season for me brings out some new challenges I thought I had everything as far as my food plot figured out, the deer were bedding right in my clover, and they were hitting the beans every day. I figured filling my tags in the late season was a given. I even made comments to friends that were trying to fill a tag that when My Fiancée and I get ours filled they were more than welcome to come and whack a doe. I mean come on I had 40-50 deer in my food plot every night this was a site seen nearly every day starting on the 10th of December.

This lasted until, well until it takes 50 deer to eat 1.5 acres of soybeans, and in this case that was approximately 2 weeks. After that they had no food and went looking for it thus moving right out of my woods. Luckily enough we were still able to tag a few does but we were scrambling to set up new stands and working our butts off that last week of the season to do it.
Now on to this year, my goal is to totally revamp the food plot, planting 3-4 different things in it to try and sustain the deer longer than I did last season, preferably lasting them through the winter and not just through the season, but, at the same time giving them something to draw them in early season as well. As far as the plot goes I have some good ideas that I think I’m going to try but nothings final yet, I will post more when I figure it out for sure.
Now it’s time for the snow to stop, the temps to start rising, it would be nice to get out and look for a few sheds, and I’m really looking forward to the Annual Whitetailworld shed hunt in Buffalo county Wisconsin. Hope to see many of you there and hope everyone is having a great start to the 2011 season.

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