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March update

A lot has happened since the last update. Our 2010 shed hunt in Buffalo County is in the books for another year. Our shows season is winding down, with only one left in Wisconsin. And our first ever annual Spring Turkey Contest is up and running on the forums.

Tired and beat down where common themes this year from the guys that showed up at the outting. But every one of them enjoyed themselves emensely. We found ways of dealing with the blisters and soreness once the sun went down. I can assure you that I’ll be back again next year to do it all over again. It of course doesn’t hurt to have a couple of gracious hosts, that allow us to roam their beautiful valleys. Thank you very much John and Tom! Without you both this wouldn’t be possible.

The show season has been a good one for and I would expect there to be some noticable changes resulting from it in the coming weeks. We thank everyone that came and helped out at the shows and enjoyed the members that just stopped by to make their introductions on a face to face basis. Always a cool thing to have happen. If we’re at a show and you can make it, please feel free to stop by the booth and say hi.

The members have spoken and we’ve delivered on their requests. is holding it’s first ever “Spring Turkey Contest” on the forum board. As of this moment we have thirteen 3 man teams competeing for the top spot. But we’ll except more competitors, if anyone is interested. It should be a blast seeing how this works out.

On top of that competition, we are also holding a turkey photo contest. The ProStaff will be the juding panel. All that’s required for this contest, is that it shows the hunter and the bird in the same photo and that the picture was taken this year. Let the imagination begin after that. We’ve seen some great photo’s in the past and we thought we’d try and recognize one them on the site. You don’t have to be in the turkey contest to put in for the photo contest, but we’d sure like you to be.

See ya on the forums!

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