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2011 WTW Shed Hunt

By Kirk Petersen

Well fans, it was a great time to say the least, many of us got up to buffalo county Friday night. We all hung out in the game room shooting some pool playing some darts, just catching up with members we haven’t seen in some time and meeting the members that we have only talked to on the forums. It was a good start to the festivities at Mr. Indrebo’s little pc of heaven.
Saturday morning the shed hunting started around 9:30, a few more guys showed up and we were set to go, it didn’t take but 10 minutes for the first shed to be found by Dave (Master Of The Grill) Underwood, after that the slopes kicked our butts, I’m sure I’m not only speaking for myself when I say that, I was beat after about 4 hours of searching, those hills are brutal enough but add a foot + of snow to them and brutal doesn’t do em justice. I guess we now know why Buffalo County has some of the biggest and baddest bucks in the country.
the shed hunting ended with about 7 shed, with or current Member of the Month Corey AKA Droptine 20 recording three finds taking home the trophy as best WTW shed hunt for 2011.

even though the shed hunting wasn’t the best as true outdoorsmen/women do we decided to play with some toys, Randal decided to bring his AR15 and let me tell you what, that thing was a blast to shoot. I didn’t get any pictures of us shooting but here is our fearless leader showing us his Arnold look.

After the gun everyone decided to get out the bows, we set up three targets and shot for an hour or 2, it was a lot of fun for me to be able to shoot my own bow with everybody that was there.

yes my pants are full of snow, that’s what happens when you get cocky because you hit the turkey decoy in the head from 28 yds and think you can do it every time. You end up digging through the snow pile trying to find your arrow. LOL Tom will be finding a nice almost new arrow as soon as the snow melts.
After the fun with the bows it was about time for supper, Dave Underwood was the cook for the night and let me tell you he outdid himself, the venison, the pork, the prime rib, I can honestly say that I have never had better of any of them in my life. Dave is an amazing cook and I hope he returns for every event we hold.
after everyone stuffed their bellies it was time to get ready for the evening ahead, we had Shane, a good friend of Derek Stacy and myself up to do some entertainment for the WTW guys,

He did an amazing job, everyone had a blast requesting songs, listening to him play and most of all, singing right along with him as Randal will attest to.

All in all it was a great weekend, I got to meet some people I had never met and spend a few days recapping our seasons, talking about the upcoming season and just having a great time with an awesome bunch of WTW members. I can’t wait for the camera school so we can all get together again.


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