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April Update

Turkey season is upon us! In fact opening day for me is tomorrow (April 14th). I’ve never done this before, so it’s going to be anyones guess as to how this will turn out. The cameras will be rolling, as monster4pt will be in the blind with me laying down his first hunting footage ever. Anybody foresee any potential problems with a couple of rookies trying to get this accomplished on film? This could be very very cool or be a mega disaster of epic commical proportions. Either way, it’s going to fun getting back after something in the woods again that’s actually alive. Let the games begin at sunrise!

I think/hope you (the members) will be seeing some new changes to the site, very shortly. We wanted to get through show season, before we started making adjustments. But the time has now come to get after it. This should all occur over the coming weeks. Be looking for it.

I wasn’t personally able to attend the last show of the spring for, in Madison, WI. But from all accounts, I’ve been told it was a great show for us anyway to cut it. Thank you to all the members and nonmembers that stopped by to support our site. It means the world to all of us here.

I’d be found lacking, if I did not mention the fact that we still have copies of our new dvd “The Chase” available for purchase. Remember that for every dvd you purchase, your name goes into a drawing for a hunt in Buffalo County WI at Bluff Country Outfitters. The hunt will be filmed by our crew and used in next years dvd. It’s a great opportunity to have a chance to step in front of the camera to show your stuff. Not to mention, having a chance at a possible Buffalo County monster buck!

Good Luck to all of those out chasing the Thunder Chickens in the next few weeks!

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